Equipment Audit

Equipment Audit

Botswana Ash: 2016

  • Protection Relays retrofit
  • Testing of Protection relays
  • Battery Maintenance

Botswana Meat Commission: 2016

  • Annual Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and Protection Relays

Discovery Metals Limited – Boseto Mine: 2015

  • Transformer maintenance, attend to oil leaks, repair leaking pressure relief valve.
  • In investigate common protection signals
  • Maintenance and Testing on high voltage circuit breakers, Protection Relays and Battery Bank
  • Testing of Generator Protection Relays, Testing of Generator Transformers and Circuit Breakers

Botswana Government (Lejala Electrical): 2014 – 2015

  • Maintenance of Marina High Voltage equipment, testing and repairs on transformers, Ring Main Units, Cables

Debswana Diamond Mine Orapa (Sezi): 2014

  • Battery impedance and capacity testing on 38 battery banks at Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mine establishments

 Botswana International University of Science and Technology

  • High voltage (11 kV) reticulation at the university office blocks, hostels and classroom.
  • Proposal for 11 kV reticulation as per University master plan

Cadbury Botswana : 2014

  • Infrared Scanning on all operating sections of the plant and production of report

Botswana Meat Commission: 2014 – 2015

  •  Annual Maintenance on circuit breakers and protection relays; supply of 11 kV circuit breaker and installation of statistical meters
  • 11 kV Circuit Breaker repairs
  • Repair 11 kV Voltage Transformer at Francistown
  • Supply and Installation of Energy Meter at Francistown
  • 11 KV Circuit breaker annual maintenance.
  • Repair breakers not charging, repair problem on circuit breaker (QUOTE BMC.003/12).
  • Transformer maintenance, attend to oil leaks, repair leaking pressure relief valve. Replace silica gel. Repair leaking sight glasses.
  • Transformer oil regeneration.
  • Oil testing dielectric strength moisture content acidity and colour quote number BMC 004/11.
  • Supply, Install and commission strike relays (QUOTE BMCL 003/11).
  • Carry out tests on VT, Remove complete core and burnt casting from VT, supply and install new casting. Fit core and stack according to specifications, bake in oven, test and prepare for transport. Custom, clearance and taxes.
  • Servicing to switch gear panels, Secondary injection testing on protection relays.
  • Service of vacuum circuit breakers and panels.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of KPZ-10 battery.
  • Supply, install and commission strike relays as per carried out report test for items marked 1, 2 & 3.
  • Ratio tests winding resistance tests & insulation  resistance tests on Maun BMC transf.1MVA 11/0.4kv
  • Enermax meter, install program and commission.

KS Energy (PTY) LTD: 2015

  • Perform tan delta testing on transformer bushings
  • Oil sampling cans
  • 10×1 litre Oil Sampling Tins

Baymont Holdings: 2010

  • Carry out repairs on voltage transformer TYPE 6102

Lesedi Boards: 2010

  • Supply three metering kiosk, weather proof, free standing, avocado green finish. Main : 150A BRS: 3×60MCB

Brolaz Botswana (PTY) LTD:  2009 – 2010

  •  BPC inspection at Bobonong
  •  BPC inspection at Goshwe, transport from F/Town to Goshwe and back.
  • BPC inspection at Zoroga, transport from F/town to Zoroga and back, and meals.
  • Site inspection not done, as power supply cable was not installed on Brolaz’s side from meter: BRO 007/10, Installing supply cable and inspection.
  •  Re-inspection of Khisa, as it was not done on 26/02.done 07/30.
  • Supply three metering kiosk, 150A main BRS: 3×60A MCB, supply and install plinth, travel from Gaborone to Khisa, install supplied metering kiosk, box and carry out inspection (BPC).
  • BPC inspection as per quote 0010/10.
  •  BPC Re-inspection at Kokotsha not done as BPC cable to meter box not installed.
  •  Inspection of Kareng on 15/03 as per quote 0013/10.
  • Supply three metering kiosk 150A main BRS: 3×60A MCB, supply and install plinth, travel from Gabs to Khisa and back, install supplied metering kiosk, box and carry out BPC inspection.
  • Selkirk BPC inspections.

Tati Nickel Mining Company: 2007 – 2013

  • Service C.B and alstom relays.
  • Maintenance and testing on Alstom circuit breaker, testing on Alstom micom relays
  • Operating regulations for high voltage systems.
  • Service and maintain batteries station sub 1 and 2.
  • Primary Substation equipment maintenance 08/11/08 as per contract NO. T3NG-EDOC-004.
  • Transformer tests for polychlorinated biphenyl contamination.
  • Servitude maintenance.
  • Mini Substation maintenance.
  • Installation of 11kV RMU at old plant as18/10/08 per contract ENG-ECON-001.0
  • Testing and maintenance on Alstom circuit breaker.
  • Servitude maintenance of overhead lines, transformer oil for polychlorinated biphenyl contamination.
  • Maintenance and testing on incomer2 breaker and on bus coupler breaker.
  • Breaker Maintenance for incomer 2 and vertmill prot.
  • Service transformer feeder 1 in sub 7 UB.
  • Service transformer feeder 2 in sub 7.
  • Service & test 320 CR03 breakers, Service incomer in sub7 HT substations, perform TX oil analysis tests on 340XPO2 & 390XPO1.
  • Perform transformer  oil tests on 340XM01 & 330XP01, Perform TX oil tests on 330XP02 & 340XP01, perform oil analysis tests on325XM01 & 325XM02,
  • Perform oil analysis tests on 325XPO1 & 325XPO2.
  • Perform oil analysis tests on 320XPO1 & 320XLO1          
  • Test relays on incomer sub 7 ET, test relays on TX feeder 1, test relays on 320 CR 3and TX feeder 2.
  • Maintenance & testing of transformer 340XPO2 and 1, 390XPO1, new MCCN sub 4 upgrade project, 330XPO1,2and 3,lightning.
  • Maintenance and testing on Alstom CB lightning in SUB 1, testing on Alstom micom relay.
  • Vertmill HT breaker maintenance & testing.
  • MVVA PFC PROT and P123 for bus coupler.
  • P241 micom relays for mill HT motors
  • P120 & P123 for incomer1 & vertmill PROT, maintenance and testing on PFC2 feeder, maintenance & testing on mill breaker2.
  • Service CR05 breaker and incomer 01 & 02 breaker, service and test coupler breaker, test P241 relay on CR01-05,test relays for 325XPO1,service relays for 325XPO2.
  • Service CR01 & CR02 Alstom breaker and service CR03 &CR04 breakers.
  • Service Alstom Breaker 325Xmo1, LAROX FEEDER, 340XPO1,330XPO1,330XPO2,340XPO2

Botswana Ash (PTY) LTD: 2007 – 2015

  • Test MCGG and MCX protection, Relay and also inject current transformers and retrofitting of 23 motor protection relays and programming (Siemens)
  • Supply and install filtration, distribution board, refer to quotation REF botash 004/09 date 20/08/ 09.
  • Supply Plinth for pillar as per quote ref NO. BOTASH05/07
  • Repair tennis court, install stadium lights, supply and install feeder.
  • Repair tennis court lights, install stadium lights, supply and install feeder and pillars at main camp.

 Sharps Electrical (PTY) LTD: 2009

  • Supply Feeder Pillar as per spec.

Government Purchase Order: 2014

  • Electrification of Botalaote – Toteng Primary School
  • Repairs and operational test to substations, high voltage-BDF DONGA, oil test, battery rehabilitation, system audit, project engineer. Technician test charges

Mascom: 2005 – 2007

  • Supply of composite board, supply 200m of 16mm2 cable, supply and erect plinth, mount board and terminate power cables, travel and accommodation (F/town- Gumare-F/town), labour- trench digging and covering, conduct installation inspection with BPC.
  • Supply and erect plinth, mount board and terminate supply cables, gland and shroud lugs.
  • Site survey and power audit.
  • Supply of composite metering kiosk, transport cost Gabs-F/town, supply of concrete plinth for the kiosk, dismantle and return the existing kiosk (Francistown) install new kiosk and terminate incomer  and feeder cables.
  • Supply of a 3 phase circuit breaker,
  • Supply of a 12V generator battery.

Electrical Components (Debswana Jwaneng Mine): 2013

  • Testing on 10 MVA transformer